How I Lost $500 in a Pyramid Scheme

Buyer Beware: Multi-Level Marketing Is Not "Your Own Business"

In the Midwest, certain multi-level marketing (MLM) companies — also kind of known as pyramid schemes — are incredibly popular. I grew up going to these parties hosted by my piano teacher, neighbors, friends, etc. where you would have coffee and snacks and try out the product that they were selling. Usually makeup, kitchen tools, […]

The Heroic Gold Bug You Never Heard Of

Jim Blanchard Ended the Federal Ban, Won His American Dream

When we hear of sound money, the gold standard, and precious-metals investing, various names come to mind: Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Doug Casey, Mark Skousen, and Harry Browne. There is, however, one man who can take almost single-handed credit for the 1974 legalization of gold ownership in the United States: James “Jim” Blanchard of New […]

Learn from Populists, Beat Them at Their Own Game

Álvarez, Kaiser Assess Latin America's Wreckage, Now Let's Flip Populism on Its Head

Venezuela is in the midst of a crushing economic crisis, with scarce food and medicine, hyperinflation, and relentless violence. The nation’s Supreme Court commonly nullifies the decisions of the Venezuelan parliament, which holds the opposition majority. Most recently, the parliament demanded that Nicolás Maduro resign, declaring that he had abandoned his position, only to be nullified yet […]

‘Rational Individualism’ Puts Collectivists in Their Place

Mike Beitler Delivers the Deathblow with Academic Precision

Mike Beitler is a soft-spoken gentleman. Yet his book on capitalism skips pleasantries and cuts collectivism to shreds as antithetical to individualism, productivity, freedom, and reason. I first came to know Beitler via his Free Markets radio show and podcast, where I was a guest a few times. When work prospects brought me to North […]

Why ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Keeps Selling

Government Miseducation Leaves Vacuum of Financial Illiteracy

The vast majority of us went through the government-education conveyor belt, and that includes me.* Since we learn little about anything there, and zero about personal finance in those dozen or so years, we rely heavily on our parents and the adult role models in our lives. A shortfall there will tend to leave us […]