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First published by the Language of Liberty Institute, April 4, 2012: “Liberty Beyond Borders: The Stateless Man Show”

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Presumably if you’re reading this, you hunger for individual liberty—as do I. But how can one actually go about achieving this, when the inertia and constraints of the world often seem so entrenched? There is a time-tested method that is seeing a renaissance: migration.

That’s right, a vote with one’s feet has immediate consequences and is far more powerful than a vote at the ballot box will ever be. Additionally, the explosion of online information coupled with stagnant or declining opportunities in developed nations is making the tactic more viable than ever, not to mention the cultural adventures on offer.

If you stand back and think about it, borders are merely lines that mark the territories of different rulers. You have no moral obligation to remain within them. In fact, if you believe such rulers are corrupt or oppressive, to leave is a noble form of disapproval, cutting those rulers off from both your tax dollars and your submission. And they notice: just consider the history of the Berlin Wall.

Okay, but to where, and how? What do different locations have to offer for the liberty-minded, and where are many such individuals going to join forces? In January of this year, I began a radio show, The Stateless Man, to address just those questions. As an immigrant and full-time liberty advocate who’s been there, I wanted to aid and inspire others to do the same. Although I grew up in New Zealand, I now live in North Carolina and write for the John Locke and Future of Freedom foundations, and I too am always glad to consider distant shores.

The show is about results, not complaints of what could or should be. So it is less about government policies and more about being proactive with one’s life. For example, in the first episode I examined the Free State Project, a planned migration of libertarians to New Hampshire. Inspired by the catch phrase “Liberty in Our Lifetime,” over 1,000 individuals have moved to the Free State, and they now host some of the world’s largest pro-liberty gatherings.

In a subsequent program, the Language of Liberty Institute’s Executive Director Glenn Cripe joined me for an hour to discuss how mental traps impede us from living the lives we want. Fortunately, the producers of the Overseas Radio Network , a new online and free-to-air outlet, have been just as excited about the show and its theme as me. The Stateless Man airs live from 6 to 8pm EST every Wednesday, and in the near future I plan to have a stand-alone site and associated blog [now active].

So, fellow liberty-lovers, do tune in and call in to join an array of fascinating guests as we explore liberty beyond arbitrary borders. Along with LLI alumni from all corners of the globe, you’re also welcome to email me with topic ideas or to offer yourself as a guest.

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