Jeffrey Tucker on the American Dream in Brazil

After reading a fascinating article from Jeffrey Tucker (pictured), I invited him on the show to share his reflections on the spirit of liberty in Brazil. He leads Laissez-Faire Books and was down there as a keynote speaker with Mises Institute Brazil. That trip left him optimistic about the opportunities on offer—perhaps as a new home for the American Dream.

Click here for that interview (11 minutes), and his article continues below.

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Brazil and the Spirit of Liberty

My most surprising findings in Brazil, aside from the amazing fruits that I didn’t know existed because the US government doesn’t think I need them, were the young American kids who have moved here to find economic opportunity. This I had not expected, but now fully understand.

Brazil is a marvelous and massive country where private wealth thrives without embarrassment, where well-protected and healthy familial dynasties form the infrastructure of social and economic life, where technology is popular and beloved by everyone, where the police leave you alone and where Americans can feel right at home.

The world is changing fast. Freedom in America is slipping away so quickly that we are already seeing a wave of young people leaving in search of new opportunities, just as people from around the world once came to America to live the dream. Brazil is one of many countries benefiting from the generational emigration from the US.

Click here to read the full article, as originally published at The Daily Reckoning.

For more from The Stateless Man on Brazil, consider my April interview with Michael Skye of Visionary Troubadour and Vision Force. He is seeking to bring down more individuals from North America and believes Brazil has plenty of cultural wisdom to offer. Contact him here.

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