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Are you one of the many young, aspiring writers, eager to make a name for themselves? A few words of advice, from someone who has been there: Don’t do it the hard way, as I did. Don’t seek to go from zero to one hundred, from minimal experience to a full-time job.

Take advantage of the many internship opportunities out there. And perhaps more importantly, get published as soon as possible and accept plenty of editorial feedback. Criticism may hurt, but it’s a whole lot better than silent disapproval.

That leads into a site I wanted to introduce to Stateless Man listeners, LibertyBlog.Org. A few months back, primarily through twitter, I came into contact with Tony Escobar, one of the site’s creators. Soon after, I published an article on the site, regarding the promise of Honduras, and then one of my interns published with them on college participation. (Full disclosure, as you can see on the right of this page, the site now sponsors The Stateless Man. I am pleased to have them, and they provide a fitting complement to my work, for those interested in more politically-oriented discourse.)

Anyway, Liberty Blog is open for submissions, particularly from younger writers. In return the site moderators offer editorial support, a place to validate one’s writing ability, and a welcoming, curious audience. They are open to both conservative and libertarian perspectives, and a wide variety of topics.

Tony’s cofounder of the site, Daniel Smyth (pronounced “Smith” and pictured left), accepted an invitation to come on this week’s show. He explained that he sees so much untapped talent out there, and he would like to provide an opportunity for their new voices to join the political discussion. Hear his interview below (11 minutes, MP3):

[audio:http://thestatelessman.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Daniel-Smyth.mp3|titles=Daniel Smyth]
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