My Favorite Obama Impersonation

Brad “the Butcher” Jordan of Food Riot Radio

If you’ve listened to a few Stateless Man episodes, you’ll have heard Brad Jordan, a frequent co-host of mine. The good news is that he now has his own show, which he co-hosts with his girlfriend, Sara “Foxy” Burrows (pictured together above). Food Riot airs on the Overseas Radio Network each Wednesday at 7pm Eastern, right after The Stateless Man, and is devoted to food freedom around the world. For example, raw milk is set to be a consistent topic of interest.

In his second episode, Brad used a parody of Obama to better introduce the theme, and it is priceless. Diane Rehm even makes an appearance 🙂 (9 minutes, MP3). I hope you enjoy this one, and don’t hesitate to like his Facebook page and give him feedback as he builds momentum with Food Riot.


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  1. Sarah Herr says:

    Oh wow.

  2. The Stateless Man says:

    Was Diane Rehm spot on? 😉

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