You Have Dreams… Introducing the LLI Free Enterprise Club

The Language of Liberty Institute is an organization I support wholeheartedly. Back in 2009, I attended and taught at one of their Liberty Camps in Sulejow, Poland, and I’ve been in touch with the leaders ever since. In fact, LLI cofounder Glenn Cripe joined me for the premier episode of The Stateless Man.

More recently, in one of their Torch newsletters, I read of a new network they are initiating for LLI alumni and friends. Here is the brief article from Andy Eyschen, explaining the basis for his idea. He is a permanent tourist with an incredible depth of international travel and consulting experience.

Big dreams.  We’ve talked about this. Your desire to live in a freer world has awakened your entrepreneurial spirit. You want to start a business and achieve your vision of a more meaningful and productive life. But you have questions about where or how to get started.

To help you realize your dream, Language of Liberty Institute now offers you the Free Enterprise Club (FEC), a members-only organization created specifically to provide mentoring and advice for new entrepreneurs like you.

FEC unites LLI alumni and friends, like you, who are motivated and interested in spreading liberty, starting businesses, or collaborating with other like-minded people from all over the world. FEC is a marketplace of ideas, investors, and business contacts, available to assist you in your business ventures.

By joining FEC, you will get tips, advice, mentoring and feedback on what to do, when, and with whom. To help you realize your dreams and ideas is why FEC was established. Together, we can create a better, freer world of peace and prosperity!

Take a step closer to your dreams and discover all the benefits of the Free Enterprise Club. A freer, more prosperous world awaits you.

Don’t hesitate to email Andy your interest, and you can sign up for LLI email updates here. Additionally, if you would like to attend one of the camps, as a teacher or a student, or to support LLI financially, please see their website.

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Fergus Hodgson is an economic consultant, financial editor, athlete, and traveler. He holds degrees in economics, finance, and political science from the United States and New Zealand, and he has lived in eight countries. Follow @FergHodgson.

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