Why Do They Hate Us (People in the United States)?

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A fellow ORN host, Blake Sawyer of Escape!, says that most people in the world hate the United States and, by extension, Americans. This reality is lost on most people in the United States, but it is real, and it has consequences if you plan to expatriate.

Sarah Harvard of Define-Liberty.com has also written on this phenomenon, particularly how the distrust has grown in recent times. Harvard believes one can account for at least part of the hostility with the rise of drone warfare and the endless line of United States’ interventions abroad.

One listener, George of North Carolina, called in and shared a valuable perspective. Here is that segment, clipped down to the two minutes.

[audio:http://thestatelessman.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/George-from-North-Carolina.mp3|titles=The Stateless Man: George from North Carolina calls in.]

“We say that a lot of people hate the U.S. I think people are smarter than that… What they really hate is what Americans hate. I’m an American, and I hate the government, because they are completely not representative of the people.”

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