Exclusive Ron Paul Interview! Overcoming Fear; European Students for Liberty; Human Trafficking

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Ron Paul, the man who has perhaps opened more people’s eyes to liberty than anyone, was live for an exclusive interview with The Stateless Man. We discussed competitive currencies and the merits of engaging in the political life. Paul also accepted questions submitted by listeners and those who participated in a Reddit.com AMA. The Ron Paul segment alone is within the YouTube clip:

Michael Colgan, a renowned researcher in human performance and aging, has written on overcoming the physical manifestations of fear. Rachel Mills and I digested what fear was and how one might address it in a rational manner.

EFSL mapOur good friend, Yaël Ossowski, was at the recent European Students for Liberty Conference, and he shared the latest developments from that side of the Atlantic. As indicated by the map, people traveled far and wide to attend. (His segment is below.)

Finally, Lewis Andrews of the Yankee Institute explains how impediments to freedom of movement feed human trafficking.

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