Retirement Cronyism; Careers for Liberty; Censorship in Australia; Border Control Within Borders

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Paul Sippil, an independent financial advisor, explains why the retirement industry diverts resources away from clients along with practical solutions. He wrote this week’s feature article, “The Retirement Plan Racket.”

Turning your passion into your vocation has been a recurring theme on the show, but what if your passion is the promotion of liberty? Can that be a vocation? Of course! Antonie Ewing of and the Institute for Humane Studies shares how. Famous for her wedding on a cliff, Ewing is a graduate of Universidad Francisco Marroquín and has been on the show before to discuss her higher education experience in Guatemala.

Apparently some people in the Australian government don’t like posts on Twitter. Not only do they not like them, they are censoring them. You could be forgiven for thinking this was news out of North Korea or Cuba, but no, the relatively civilized nation of Australia has its share of control freaks in power too. David Lopez, founder and webmaster of Australians for Liberty, reveals what is going on down under.

broadcastingGuillermo Jimenez of Laredo, Texas, is one man who does not comply with illegal in-land “border” check points in the United States, and successfully so. Host of Traces of Reality, he shares the latest from the border and the ramifications of heightened immigration enforcement.

Helena Ball (pictured) was my cohost for today. A native of Venezuela, she is a financial analyst with Eurociencia and contributed The Stateless Man article and interview on Hugo Chavez’s passing and consequently appeared on WGSO in Louisiana as well (23 minutes).

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