Freedom in the 50 States Ranking Out! Seasteading as the New Frontier for Expatriation

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The latest Freedom in the 50 States ranking is out from the Mercatus Center. One of the authors, Jason Sorens, joins me to discuss his findings. Most importantly, these findings affirm a hunger for freedom. People are migrating to the freer states, so “the proof is in the pudding,” Sorens says.

Sorens also founded the Free State Project of New Hampshire, and we reflect on its success after ten years. Although New Hampshire dropped its top place in the ranking, Sorens is confident it will rise again. In 2011, residents there elected what he describes as “the most libertarian state legislature in 100 years.” (His interview alone is available in the video below, and if you want to get a feel for the Free State Project in-person, consider the annual Porcfest or Liberty Forum events.)

The number one state, according the ranking, is North Dakota. So I invited my good friend and go-to-man on the state, former state senator Curtis Olafson, to examine how it climbed from 16th just ten years ago. Demand for workers is so strong out there, he shared that even he personally has been on a search for a new farmhand. Olafson (email him) is also the national spokesman for and the National Debt Relief Amendment, which I have written in favor of on many occasions.

Guilty-front-left-levelSome people are trying to flee or get around nationalities. How? By living on the sea, of course. That’s right, seasteading is becoming reality, and Blueseed is leading the charge. Dan Dascalescu, the project’s CIO, explains that he believes it is the only way out of a “lack of evolution and competition among governments.”

He and I also reveal that the Facebook post and image (right) from that morning, of Blueseed One going out as the first ship of the project, was an April Fools. I can hardly believe how many people fell for it, and I thank Dascalescu for the original press release.

Planned guest, Mikhail Sebastian, did not appear due to a misunderstanding of the time zones. However, he has offered to come on next week for the April 8, 2013, show.

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  1. Wes Lysander says:

    Dude, I don’t think any of the top 10 even have decriminalized marijuana.

  2. Wes Lysander says:

    North Dakota banned abortion for Christ’s sake.

  3. The Stateless Man says:

    🙂 Wes, I suggest you would do well with the personalized version of the ranking:

  4. Elizabeth S Hunker says:

    Can’t Wait.

  5. The Stateless Man says:

    If people just want the Jason Sorens segment, I placed that on YouTube:

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