Big Brother China; Lifelong Learning; Withhold Support for the Cuban Regime?

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Milton Mai (3:55),
Jeff Johnston (24:10),
Marianela Toledo (41:30).

Tiananmen Square MassacreRather than undermine communist rule in China, the internet has suffered from sophisticated censorship there. Milton Mai of North Carolina State University—a native of Guangzhou—expands on the nature of that censorship, how people overcome it, and its long-term viability. He describes China as an “old kingdom,” akin to the Game of Thrones television series and in need of a wall to stop supposed dangers from getting in.

Marianela ToledoJeff Johnston is a Canadian who now bases himself in Cuenca, Ecuador. A recent article from him was on being a “lifelong learner” and “generalist,” and we also get his thoughts on how to make a living as a writer on the road.

Many falsely believe that most or all U.S. citizens cannot travel to Cuba. In fact, U.S. citizens can receive a permit to travel there and get around the restriction by traveling through another country first. Marianela Toledo of Florida Watchdog (pictured) recently wrote “Travel to Cuba is tough, but it’s possible,” and with her we examine the arguments for and against such travel, legal or not.

On April 15, Ron Paul also addressed travel to Cuba. He noted the irony that the travel restrictions mirror those of the former communist states of the Soviet Union, when “it was only the well-connected elites who were allowed to travel overseas.” I share this clip courtesy of Yaël Ossowski, who also wrote this week’s feature article, “As Europe Centralizes Power, Catalonia Yearns to Break Free.”

Featured BooksAlongside cohost, Helena Ball, in the final half hour I discuss my latest article on “Books That Have Changed my Life.” In particular, we note my interest in Ralph Nader, dating back to when I first arrived in the United States. Crashing the Party made my top ten list, and the biography I recommend for him is Nader: Crusader, Spoiler, Icon.

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