The Freedom Friend on Singapore Outcompeting the United States

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Guests: Larry White, Michelle Liberman (33s), Bruce Jones, Peter Schiff.

Given a technical breakdown, the full episode is not available this week. However, one segment, which was prerecorded, is available. That was with Michelle Liberman of, and you can also listen to that segment through the YouTube video below (25 minutes).

She and I noted that Singapore is one of the world’s leaders for economic freedom, as ranked by the Fraser Institute and the Heritage Foundation — and stories of wealthy individuals, such as Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin, expatriating there abound. Her latest article on the island nation and her time down there is, “I Wanna Be a Millionaire.”

Larry WhiteLarry White of George Mason University is one of the world’s leading scholars on free banking. He and I got to know each other while in residence at the American Institute for Economic Research, and he explained the merits of competitive currencies, along with new developments such as Bitcoin. You can read his columns on

One key point he made was that central banks pollute the economics profession. In the case of the United States, for example, the Federal Reserve has vast dominance of monetary economist employment, along with funding their research, and White has backed up his claim in detail. Consider his video on ending the Fed below.

Bruce Jones is president of the International TEFL Academy, a new sponsor of The Stateless Man. He has also written a new article, “Your Ticket to an International Adventure,”on how to prepare yourself and find a fitting English teaching opportunity.

The Real CrashFinally, Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, joined us to explain what he sees as the “Real Crash,” which is still to come. In other words, he sees rapid austerity measures becoming necessary in the United States, as the national debt becomes unserviceable and confidence in the dollar and the U.S. economy falls. That is why he advocates internationalizing your investments. He has also set up a service for people outside of the United States to hold bank accounts denominated in gold.

When questioned about his rise as an entrepreneur, he lamented that it would not be possible these days, given much greater regulatory burdens. However, he did see promise in other parts of the world for those willing to expatriate, including New Zealand. When Brazil came up, he recommended Chile and Peru as more stable options.

Most importantly, he said that the notion that the rest of the world depends on the U.S. is backwards. In fact, the U.S. depends on the rest of the world to keep funding its debt-enabled spending, be that through government or at the personal level.


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