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Guests: Aleah Taboclaon (3:13), Dennis Bumpy Kanahele (21:28), Yaël Ossowski (41:20), Jacob Hornberger (59:30).

solotravelerTravel presents heightened concerns for women, particularly in the case of safety. One who has not let that stop her is the Solitary Wanderer. Aleah Taboclaon shares her five tips for travel alone and why she wrote the popular article, “Date a Girl Who Travels.”

bumpyNations come and go, even if many of us do not follow history or current events enough to realize. Today, there are many individuals pushing for secession as a route to local governance and sovereignty. Dennis Bumpy Kanahele (pictured right) and Yaël Ossowski, of Hawaii and Quebec, explain the basis for those particular efforts.

Ossowski recommends the Montreal Economic Institute for data on Quebec’s severe indebtedness, and he notes, unfortunately, that a “leftist, collectivist mindset” is prevalent among separatists. He has also written on the sovereignty movement in Catalonia, which is presently within Spain.

Map of QuebecFinally, we examine something we celebrate through The Stateless Man — freedom of movement and open borders. The Future of Freedom Foundation has just published a digital version of their classic, The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration, which Jacob Hornberger edited.

freetrade-ebookHornberger is one man who originally swayed me on this issue, particularly with a presentation he gave to the Advocates for Self Government. He has many insights after having grown up on the border in Laredo, Texas, and we note the way barriers to movement promote organized crime such as human trafficking. (My own archive of FFF articles is here.)

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