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Guests: Kevin Williamson (2:59), Bruce Jones (21:11), Brad Hines (42:53), Silvana Rees (1:02:30).

The End is NearThe prospect of a U.S. default or rapid austerity policy tends to bring doomsday prophecies, but Kevin Williamson says “bring it on” with his book, The End is Near and It’s Going to be Awesome. He and I met at a journalism conference hosted by the Institute for Humane Studies, and he believes financial difficulties will inevitably lead the U.S. towards self-sufficiency, innovative solutions, and a freer economy.

In the short-run, he does foresee some “economic turmoil,” as government programs such as Social Security come to an end. However, he does not expect the kind of antics going on over in European nations such as Greece.

To explain why his perspective is contrarian, Williamson theorizes a pronounced pessimism within conservative thought, perhaps due to a belief in the fallen nature of man. That’s why, he says, they have an affinity for Cormac McCarthy novels such as The Road and No Country for Old Men. Additionally, humans in general just seem drawn to doom and gloom stories. That predisposition makes such stories more commercially successful, whether they have legitimate analysis or not.

Bruce Jones is my go-to man when it comes to teaching English abroad, first appearing in April of 2012. I’m also pleased he has now come on as a sponsor of the show. He and I chat about the merits of certification, the role of his International TEFL Academy, and the latest developments in terms of opening markets for teachers. You can hear his segment set apart here.

Us Generation-Y members have a poor reputation, at least that’s what Time Magazine has to say. Let’s just say, however, that I find their accusations, that we are “lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow,” to be pathetic and smacking of hyperbole for mere shock value. Brad Hines, a writer and social media strategist, doesn’t think that is the entire story either. He shares why he has written against making such generalizations and in defense of his generation at LearnVest. He does admit, though, that during research for his article some respondents lived up to their reputation and made him cringe.

Dubai conjures up many images, particularly economic prospects, given its impressive skyline and status as a commercial hub. However, its legal system leaves much less to be desired. In fact, a woman from Australia who suffered rape found herself convicted and imprisoned for eight months for fornication.

Silvana Rees, a multilingual flight attendant from Chile and a former guest on the show, has direct experience in Dubai. She bases herself there and documents her travels through Little Emi Around the World (pictured below). I also get her wisdom on what to do in Dubai and how to become a flight attendant, should you wish to use that as a way to explore.

Little Emi Around the World

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