College by 12 | Exiled from Russia | Greece’s Not-So-Golden Dawn | New Zealand’s Housing Crisis

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Mona Lisa Harding (3:07), Natalia Suvorova (21:21), Basil Venitis (46:41), Don Brash (1:01:03).

Harding Family 2013

Mona Lisa Harding has 10 children, and six have already attended college by 12 years old. How? She has used a form of homeschooling she calls “child-led learning” and taken responsibility for the education of her children. The family are sharing their recommendations for educational programs, if you’d like to replicate and advance their success.

Natalia Suvorova is a Washington-based correspondent for a Russian radio station, Kommersant-FM. She analyzes the recent news that Russian government officials have intimidated a prominent economist and former head of the New Economic School, Sergei Guriev, into exile.

Basil Venitis is a liberty-oriented blogger and public speaker based in Athens, and he explains the rise of the Golden Dawn political party. It is a nativist and openly neo-Nazi movement. Even the public spokesman revealed his violent tendencies on live television, as you can see below.

Don Brash is a former central bank governor of New Zealand — one so respectful of free enterprise that I was glad to invite him on the show. We chat about why New Zealand housing is outrageously expensive and the viability of alternative currencies.

His most recent, major presence in the policy realm in New Zealand came from his leading of the 2025 Taskforce, which offered ways for New Zealand to catch up to Australia in terms of per capita income. As he notes in the episode, though, there was reluctance among those in political power to consider any policy change of substance. The interview below shows why.

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