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Corey Schruder (5:22), Heather Thorkelson (22:01), Erica Goldson (50:18), Mark Skousen (58:50).

CTFCorey Schruder is a research assistant with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. He explains the lack of transparency in government compensation in Canada, along with how the latest attempt to change that on the margin went off the rails.

Heather Thorkelson has written about how not following advice led to many adventures for her, including getting to the base camp at Mount Everest and visiting Antarctica. Her blog is the Republic of Freedom, and she bases herself in Lima, Peru, as a life coach. This video from her, on how to remain organized, is particularly useful.

Erica Goldson shot to prominence after her high school graduation speech went viral. She chastised orthodox education as dehumanizing and a form of indoctrination. After three years exploring on the road, she sees education as an ongoing part of her life, rather than a stale, formal affair, and she is learning to become a language instructor. Her original blog is still available at America Via Erica. However, given heavy public scrutiny, she now blogs privately and recommends that people follow her Facebook page.

investingMark Skousen is a man with a long line of achievements as a free market advocate, including a period as president of the Foundation for Economic Education, and he has appeared before on the show regarding his book, Investing in One Lesson. Skousen is also the founder of FreedomFest, perhaps the world’s largest liberty conference. He shares why this year’s theme is “Are We [in the United States] Rome?”

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