Free Press Under Attack in Ecuador | Giant of Brazil Awakening | Immigrant Tensions in Sweden

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Ilya Brotzky (11:58), Sven Larson (43:25).

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Ilya Brotzky is the founder of Brazil Career Blueprint, and he has been observing the latest mass protests in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo firsthand. We discuss the underlying motivations of the participants and what may come of their actions. Here is his latest video update from São Paulo, and a more in-depth update will come out with the PanAm, when that goes live.

I note a recent article on Brazil from — in this case an interview with a native Brazilian, Adriana Schmidt Raub — and the quote is here:

I tend to believe that there are more Brazilians trying to take advantage and cheat the system than any other nationality that I am familiar with.

ending-the-welfare-stateSven Larson is a research fellow with the Wyoming Liberty Group and an adult immigrant from Sweden. Author of Remaking America: Welcome to the Dark Side of the Welfare State, he is keenly aware of the pitfalls of socialism in Sweden, and we discuss the latest violence there and the tensions with new arrivals who are struggling to integrate.

I reviewed Remaking America for the Future of Freedom Foundation, and it is well worth your time. More recently, Larson has written Ending the Welfare State: A Path to Limited Government That Won’t Leave the Poor Behind, and you can follow his ongoing work at

Given fewer guests this week, I devote more time to the discussion of current events of interest to international freedom seekers. Most importantly, that includes a new law in Ecuador which presents a grave barrier to freedom of the press.

In addition to a new “watchdog” agency, the law “calls for a redistribution of broadcast frequencies and reserves 33 percent of frequencies for state media, 33 percent for privately owned broadcasters and 34 percent for indigenous groups.”

That’s just “pluralism” in media, of course. Whatever could go wrong?

The other articles I discuss are:

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