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Chuck Suter (3:18), Veronique de Rugy (22:02), Gina Kawas (42:05), Mary Tedesco (1:00:08).

Although I’ve continued to travel and move a lot over the past few years, some people have stood out, and we remain in touch. Chuck Suter is one such person. A man who speaks his mind without apologies — which is more than okay by me — he and I examine his journalism at

As this video demonstrates, he covers the heart of the battle between the corrupt establishment of the Republican Party and the rising paleoconservatives and libertarians seeking to oust them. If you like his work, I encourage you to consider donating here.

VerodeRugyVeronique de Rugy (pictured), a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Center, is one of those policy analysts who has consistently caught my attention as sharp, creative, and accessible. Her latest testimony on public choice economics, before the US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is the topic of discussion (embedded below).

The bottom line from de Rugy:

Government sucks. Period. They don’t do well; they don’t have the incentive to do things well. . . . They fail, and they get to survive.

Honduras continues to be a nation that merits attention, for good and bad reasons. In particular, its LEAP zones (for startup cities) are set to get rolling this coming year. Gina Kawas, a PanAm Post columnist and Young Voices Advocate, offers her latest insights, given the recent presidential election and the new president, Juan Orlando Hernández.


Roatán, Honduras: what are you waiting for? Source: Alice Taylor, flickr.

Mary Tedesco and I were fellow students at Boston University in the mid-2000s, and she went on to a career in finance, as I returned to New Zealand. More recently, however, I noticed that she’d started her own venture, Origins Italy. That is a genealogy/family-research service, and Tedesco shares how she made the switch and is now able to follow her passion for her Italian heritage.


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