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The Rhetoric of Open Borders | Fractional Reserve Banking: Money Out of Nothing

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Bill Mullen (9:32), Don Richards (54:14).

A recent debate over open borders (pictured below), or at least the free movement of labor, drew my ire. Most notably, the audience turned heavily against the motion to “let anyone take a job anywhere.” Bill Mullen, a homeschooling father, experienced libertarian, and rhetoric specialist, digests just why Bryan Caplan and his fellow proponent failed so badly.

Source: Intelligence Squared

Within the show, I include three brief clips from the debate, and links to the MP3s are here, here, and here. Mullen breaks the debate down by the forms of persuasion: logos, pathos, and ethos — coined by Aristotle.

The open borders topic always generates plenty of reactions from callers, and this occasion is no exception. I am glad to have feedback — live and after the show — and you are welcome to email me (ferg [@] with input for future shows. If you want to read more of my perspective on the matter, please see my article with the Future of Freedom Foundation, “Nativism, the Citizenship Union, and Barriers to Movement.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA television clip from New Zealand, regarding fractional reserve banking in the context of fiat currencies, managed to get through the state broadcaster, TVNZ. The key guest on the clip, Don Richards (pictured), agreed to join us — even at 4 a.m. in New Zealand — and he explains his work with Positive Money NZ. His proposal is part of a broader International Movement for Monetary Reform.

This week I brought in a new piece of bumper music, and if you have recommendations, let me know. This one is a favorite from Down Under:


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