Feminism Is Equal Opportunities, Not Equal Outcomes

Finding the Golden Mean: Rules versus Personal Responsibility


Carolina Loreto: “No one can be everything at the same time.… and that’s okay.” (ClaraDon)

In response to “The Liberal Alternative to Feminism,” (November 17, 2016) by Paz Gómez.

I agree with Paz Gómez in believing in your inner strength to achieve what you want to do, as a woman. A lot of women don’t even try to apply for a job, ask for a raise, or start their own business, because basically they don’t believe in themselves.

But everything comes with a price and it depends of your priorities. No one can be everything at the same time. You cannot be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, and the perfect executive all at once, and that’s okay.

If you want to a promotion, yet you take time to be at your kid’s soccer game and take time off to take care of them, your employer might well see that your work is not your top priority and might give the opportunity to a man. It is unfortunate, but if you don’t attach emotions to it, it has logic. (There are exceptions to the rule, but women tend to be the caregivers of the family.)

So, feminism for me is equal opportunities for women. This goes for everybody, equal opportunities, not equal outcomes. We are different, and our priorities determine the outcomes of our lives. For me feminism is also being a whole woman — not to become men, not to have one over men either.

There should be laws to protect women, for example, to not get fired if they get pregnant, but nobody should abuse the system. If you can’t get fired during your pregnancy, show up to work when you are supposed to and do your best. It’s going to be tough, but you wanted a family. It’s all goes back to priorities.

That being said, there are rules to protect people. That’s because we are still evolving beyond trying to make a situation benefit ourselves to the detriment of others. We still need rules, because generally we put ourselves first.

We all need help. Women cannot do all that men do, and men cannot do all that women do. We need each other to progress as societies. We should support each other as human beings, but that might be a part of another comment called: idealism.

Carolina Loreto
Video Producer, Editor
New Orleans, Louisiana

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