How I Lost $500 in a Pyramid Scheme

Buyer Beware: Multi-Level Marketing Is Not "Your Own Business"

In the Midwest, certain multi-level marketing (MLM) companies — also kind of known as pyramid schemes — are incredibly popular. I grew up going to these parties hosted by my piano teacher, neighbors, friends, etc. where you would have coffee and snacks and try out the product that they were selling. Usually makeup, kitchen tools, […]

Feminism Is Equal Opportunities, Not Equal Outcomes

Finding the Golden Mean: Rules versus Personal Responsibility

No one can be everything at the same time.… and that’s okay.

Putin Biography Lets ‘The New Tsar’ Off Scot-Free

Rising Russian Power Contrasts with Corruption, Forgotten Rights

Given Vladimir Putin’s longstanding position at the helm of Russia, not without his share of controversy, he deserves his share of scrutiny. Steven Lee Myers has come to the party with The New Tsar.

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How I Self-Exiled to Preserve My Morality and Find Liberty

Fleeing the Plague of Corruption and Bureaucracy in the Post-Yugoslavia Era

By Jadranko Brkic

What do you do when you grow old enough one day to realize that the society you were brought up in runs on deep institutionalized corruption? What do you do when the realization of your own dreams is dependent upon throwing your own moral principles out the window and playing in that same unethical game?

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Your Ticket to an International Adventure

Teaching English Abroad
  • Are you looking to embark on a great international adventure but don’t have $10,000 or $20,000 in the bank to fund 6 – 12 months of travel?
  • Would you like to live and work as a local in a foreign country and make a difference in the local community?
  • Can you see yourself walking to work every day through the street markets of Bangkok, the medieval thoroughfares of Prague, or the grand boulevards of Buenos Aires?

If your answer is “yes,” consider teaching English abroad for your next international adventure. With 1 billion people learning English worldwide (300 million in China alone!), the demand for native and even fluent English speakers to provide English language instruction is so high that most English speakers can gain viable employment in dozens of countries worldwide, from Japan and Thailand to Spain and Costa Rica.

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