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Fergus Hodgson is a traveler, economic consultant, and media executive. He holds degrees in economics and political science from the United States and New Zealand, and he divides his time between Canada and Argentina. Follow @FergHodgson.

‘Rational Individualism’ Puts Collectivists in Their Place

Mike Beitler Delivers the Deathblow with Academic Precision

Mike Beitler is a soft-spoken gentleman. Yet his book on capitalism skips pleasantries and cuts collectivism to shreds as antithetical to individualism, productivity, freedom, and reason. I first came to know Beitler via his Free Markets radio show and podcast, where I was a guest a few times. When work prospects brought me to North […]

Why ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Keeps Selling

Government Miseducation Leaves Vacuum of Financial Illiteracy

The vast majority of us went through the government-education conveyor belt, and that includes me.* Since we learn little about anything there, and zero about personal finance in those dozen or so years, we rely heavily on our parents and the adult role models in our lives. A shortfall there will tend to leave us […]

A Puerto Rico no le alcanza ni el dinero de los demás

Frank Worley: Los problemas comienzan y terminan en la isla.

Frank Worley es fundador del Movimiento Independentista Republicano y cofundador del and cofounder of the Partido Libertario de Puerto Rico. Read in English ¿Cuáles son los desafíos inmediatos de Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico enfrenta una gran variedad de problemas y es complicado resumirlos en una sola respuesta. La deuda es el problema más visible, pero es síntoma de […]

How Puerto Rico Ran Out of Other People’s Money

Frank Worley: Time to Accept Responsibility, Tighten the Belt, Attract Business

The two major parties lived in a dream world, where money grew on trees and every problem could be passed down the road to the next administration.

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How to Liberalize: Lessons from New Zealand for Latin America

Bettering Rogernomics with Three Decades of Hindsight

Many free-market enthusiasts abroad, particularly in the United States, have even gone so far as to call it the New Zealand miracle, and to some degree it was a miracle, or at very least an outlier among nations.

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