Fergus Hodgson

Free Cities Are Coming, With or Without Honduras

Michael Strong on the idea whose time has come

The Special Development Regions initiative in Honduras has been of particular importance to The Stateless Man, since it has offered what I describe as “The Frontier of Competitive Governance.” In addition to a full episode on the topic in February, I examined police state activities and safety in Honduras and published a supportive article with Liberty Blog and La Conexión.

The plan was and remains “the world’s first free city program… to create new cities on empty land with semi-independent governance systems under Honduran and international oversight.” A successful SDR or free city, I noted, would have positive ramifications far beyond Honduras.

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An Intellectual Oasis in Guatemala

Cris Lingle on Universidad Francisco Marroquín and the evils of central banking

Cris Lingle, an economics professor with Universidad Francisco Marroquín (pictured), was in Atlanta in late November, and I traveled to interview him and hear him speak. I’ve already examined UFM as a pro-liberty haven within higher education, and we went into greater detail at his presentation, “Love & Money & the Whole Damn Thing,” with the Atlanta chapter of America’s Future Foundation.

The interview was in a public setting, so the audio quality is limited, but the content is valuable, particularly if you would consider studying or teaching at UFM. Listen to it here or below (19 minutes). The final nine minutes cover central banking and Lingle’s concern that we are in uncharted territory of universally fiat currencies with no backing and enormous private and governmental debt burdens.


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My $256 Picture of the TSA

Coming to grips with harassment from government “security”

Both the invasiveness of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees and the willingness of people to tolerate such humiliating treatment continue to astound me. Last week, as I zigzagged across the United States, I had to deal with these employees more times than I care to remember. One occasion stood out, though, and led to an epiphany that bears considering—as I explained in the final segment of last week’s show.

Listen here or below (11 minutes):


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Educate Yourself in Economics

Walter Block, Antonie Ewing, and the UFM opportunity

Even a cursory study of economics at the university level reveals that the field is deeply fragmented. For a variety of reasons, there also appears to be a collectivist tendency within academia. That’s one reason why I’ve challenged the legitimacy of higher education, and that includes economics.

Walter Block, Mr. Libertarian, offers his advice on where to go to get a rigorous and insightful economics education. Plus, Antonie Ewing shares the valuable opportunity available at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala.

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You Have Dreams… Introducing the LLI Free Enterprise Club

The Language of Liberty Institute is an organization I support wholeheartedly. Back in 2009, I attended and taught at one of their Liberty Camps in Sulejow, Poland, and I’ve been in touch with its leaders ever since. In fact, LLI cofounder Glenn Cripe joined me for the premier episode of The Stateless Man. More recently, in one of their Torch newsletters, I read of a new network they are initiating for LLI alumni and friends.

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