Fergus Hodgson

The Future of Primary Elections in the United States

Kotlikoff on Fiscal Child Abuse and the Americans Elect Alternative Those with an eye on the United States presidential race will know that the Republican Party primaries have been an embarrassment. Not only have they been riddled with errors and deliberate meddling, few people, including journalists, have understood who has had how many delegates. All […]

Location Matters: The Battle for Raw Milk

Update, March 16, 2012: I have just published a commentary on this with the Carolina Journal, the media arm of the John Locke Foundation. Read “The Absurdity of Raw Milk Prohibition” here. March 9, 2012 Given that my father has milked a cow on the family farm in New Zealand for more than 30 years, […]

The Frontier of Competitive Governance

Introducing the Honduran Special Development Regions Update, April 6, 2012: LibertyBlog.Org has just published a new commentary from me on this topic. Read “Honduras and the Future of Competitive Governance” here. February 16, 2012 Although the Economist magazine has reported on the Honduran Special Development Regions (Regiones Especiales de Desarrollo) or charter cities, they were scant on […]

Putting the Peace Corps in Its Place, and the United Planet Alternative

Update May 11, 2012 An author, Anthony Watkins, came across this article and informed me of additional material to consider. His book, Peace Corps: The Icon and the Reality, is available on Amazon.com, and more recently I was able to interview one of the key sources, Chuck Ludlam. Listen to that interview here (MP3, 52 […]

Ten Years On and Still Going Strong

The Free State Project of New Hampshire The Free State Project—the planned migration of libertarians to New Hampshire—is now ten years old. While it has yet to gain 20,000 members as planned, 1,000 individuals have already moved to the live-free-or-die state, and the movement is clocking up numerous achievements. Rapidly, New Hampshire has become a […]