Fergus Hodgson

Time to Face the Truth about Muhammad

Robert Spencer Cuts a Knife through Sugarcoating Gymnastics

My initial view was like that of my peers, particularly those concerned with foreign-relations blowback: the threat comes only from misinformed radicals (Islamists) who pervert the religion, particularly those provoked by military intervention from the United States and her allies.

I can no longer accept such a position.

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They’re Stealing Our Jobs!

The Rhetoric of Open Borders | Fractional Reserve Banking: Money Out of Nothing

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[audio mp3="http://thestatelessman.jellycast.com/files/audio/TSM-12-29-2013.mp3" width = 670][/audio]

Bill Mullen (9:32), Don Richards (54:14).

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Ready to Join the Frontier of This Generation?

Making the Move to Honduras | Why Reddit? | Mañana in Cuba | Mexico City Protests | College Not Worth It

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Monique and Graham Brown (3:31, 14:55), Manuel Rueda (41:06), Sarah Harvard (58:35).

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Defending the Ideal of Entrepreneurship

Guerrilla Journalism | Public Choice Economics | Promise of Honduras | Origins Italy and Entrepreneurship

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Chuck Suter (3:18), Veronique de Rugy (22:02), Gina Kawas (42:05), Mary Tedesco (1:00:08).

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Imagine . . . Independent Thinking

Partisan Stupidity | Canada's Freemen on the Land | Free Trade and Nationalist Bickering | The Next Currency?

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Paul Wilson (5:15), Ryan Elson (21:49), Wolf von Laer (44:23).

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