Fergus Hodgson

Inspiration from My Irish Ancestors

Far and Away for Adventure and Opportunity

Someone recently asked whether there was a particular film that inspired me to pursue adventure abroad. Although I won’t advocate for its historical accuracy, Far and Away remains a favorite in this regard.

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No Transparency in Canada | Avoid Confining Advice | Education as a Way of Life | The US as Rome

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[audio src="http://thestatelessman.jellycast.com/files/audio/TSM-2013-06-10.mp3" width = 670]

Corey Schruder (5:22), Heather Thorkelson (22:01), Erica Goldson (50:18), Mark Skousen (58:50).

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College by 12 | Exiled from Russia | Greece’s Not-So-Golden Dawn | New Zealand’s Housing Crisis

Mona Lisa Harding has 10 children, and six have already attended college by 12 years old. How? She has used a form of homeschooling she calls “child-led learning” and taken responsibility for the education of her children. The family are sharing their recommendations for educational programs, if you’d like to replicate and advance their success.

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Socratic Embarrassment | Dissolution of Yugoslavia | Facebook “Terrorist Threat” | Rich States, Poor States

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[audio:http://thestatelessman.jellycast.com/files/audio/TSM-2013-05-27.mp3|titles=The Stateless Man: Socratic Embarrassment; Post-Yugoslavia Identity; The Facebook “Terrorist Threat”; Rich States, Poor States]

Guests: Jan Helfeld (4:15), Jadranko Brkic (21:15), Evan Greer (54:53), Jonathan Williams (1:03:08).

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The Upside of Austerity | English-Teaching Update | Generation-Cry or Not? | The Truth About Dubai

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[audio:http://thestatelessman.jellycast.com/files/audio/TSM-2013-05-20.mp3|titles=The Stateless Man: The Upside of Austerity; English-Teaching Update; Generation-Cry or Not? The Truth About Dubai]

Guests: Kevin Williamson (2:59), Bruce Jones (21:11), Brad Hines (42:53), Silvana Rees (1:02:30).

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