Fergus Hodgson

The Phony “Fairness” of the Internet Sales Tax

Unraveling Mary Landrieu and the Online Sales Tax Proponents

For a few years now, legislators in the United States have been worrying themselves over the fact that some people have been able to avoid paying sales taxes to them. The internet and competition between jurisdictions have enabled that, and the more the merrier, I say. Constituents already suffer from onerous taxation, and paths for them to get out from underneath the burden should be welcomed not condemned.

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Venezuela Update: No Democracy to be Found

Founder of New Advocacy Group Reveals Dire and Dangerous Situation

Venezuela has been garnering warranted attention lately, given a Chavista-led brawl in the national legislature and bizarre shortages of even basic commodities such as toilet paper. Florida Watchdog, an investigative journalism outlet, has also covered the founding of a new organization, Justice for Democracy, which is countering the violent and repressive activities there.

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The Solitary Lady Wanderer | Secession Around the World | The Open Borders Solution

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[audio:http://thestatelessman.jellycast.com/files/audio/The_Stateless_Man-2013-05-06.mp3|titles=The Stateless Man: The Solitary Lady Wanderer; Secession around the World; The Open Borders Solution]

Guests: Aleah Taboclaon (3:13), Dennis Bumpy Kanahele (21:28), Yaël Ossowski (41:20), Jacob Hornberger (59:30).

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Our Egos and the Busy Trap

Is It Us or Our Scenario?

How often do you hear people say, “I’m so busy”? The line seems to be everywhere, and yes, that includes from me.

A New York Times cartoonist and prominent author, Tim Kreider, claims it need not be that way — that it is actually an “upper-middle class, white collar syndrome” — and I tend to agree. To coincide with the release of his book, We Learn Nothing, and an article from him on the matter, we chatted about why this busy trap appears to be so common.

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The Freedom Friend on Singapore Outcompeting the United States

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[audio:http://thestatelessman.jellycast.com/files/audio/Michelle%20Liberman.mp3|titles=The Stateless Man: The Freedom Friend on Singapore Outcompeting the United States]

Guests: Larry White, Michelle Liberman (33s), Bruce Jones, Peter Schiff.

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