Isabel González

About Isabel González

Isabel is a passionate advocate of freedom. Some of her favorite authors include Frederic Bastiat, Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, and Tom Woods. Follow her on twitter at @isajazgon.

Two Types of Faith: Enriching and Enslaving

Religious Conviction and Personal Autonomy

Why should liberty-promoting individuals and organizations reflect on the importance of faith? After all, many people label religious faith as the opium of the masses, the cause of wars and enslavement, and a vehicle to impose restrictions on individuals’ freedoms. Indeed, people can and have used faith as a justification to take away the liberty of individuals. Yet, looking at history, one also finds religiously-motivated people standing up for liberty and against the rise of dictatorships.

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Libertarianism, Women, and Respecting Unique Individuals

My Journey and What It Means for Liberty Advocates

The relatively low number of women who self-identify as libertarian is no secret. I was at the 2013 International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC) this month and was pleased to see a good number of women in attendance. However, the majority of attendees and speakers were overwhelmingly men.

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Better Than Being a Libertarian: Networking With Them

Gaining Value from Conferences Beyond Education

This past weekend, approximately 650 people flocked to the Mises InstituteCircle” in Houston, Texas, and I was one of them. A further 1,200 watched online, to better understand the current economic crisis from an Austrian perspective.

Without doubt, most people at the event were already familiar with the case for free markets and had read books from the Austrian school. The people at the conference also have access to YouTube and can watch Ron Paul speeches and interviews. So, why did my friends and I drive 11 hours from El Paso, Texas, to attend the Mises Circle? What is the appeal of such an event?

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