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Paz Gómez of Quito, Ecuador, is a policy analyst with Econ Americas; social-media manager for EsLibertad Ecuador and Orilla Libertaria; and cofounder and academic coordinator of Libre Razón. Follow @PazenLibertad.

Learn from Populists, Beat Them at Their Own Game

Álvarez, Kaiser Assess Latin America's Wreckage, Now Let's Flip Populism on Its Head

Venezuela is in the midst of a crushing economic crisis, with scarce food and medicine, hyperinflation, and relentless violence. The nation’s Supreme Court commonly nullifies the decisions of the Venezuelan parliament, which holds the opposition majority. Most recently, the parliament demanded that Nicolás Maduro resign, declaring that he had abandoned his position, only to be nullified yet […]

Females Comprise Mere 2 Percent of Anarcho-Capitalist Survey

Rising Libertarian Numbers Fail to Cast Wide Net

One of the world’s most popular social-media platforms has run a survey of anarcho-capitalists, and its results are a wake-up call. Reddit is the seventh ranked website in the United States and 24th in the world, according to Alexa, and the r/Anarcho_Capitalism thread garnered 670 respondents in a week-long window. The participants, who averaged 24 […]

Got Water? The Battle for ‘Blue Gold’ Needs You

Documentary Identifies Growing Problem, Ignores the Innovator as Problem Solver

Water scarcity is and will be the source of conflicts, both national and international. As a most basic human need, individuals should pay attention to this critical topic and act on that information so we can “save ourselves.” That is the inescapable message of Blue Gold: World Water Wars (90 minutes), a 2008 documentary. The […]

The Liberal Alternative to Feminism

All the Laws in the World Cannot Replace Strength of Character

Unfortunately, contemporary feminism has created a vicious cycle of helplessness, social division, and vengeance against even innocent men.

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‘No’: How PR Ended Chile’s Dictatorship

Dramatization Offers Wisdom on Motivating People, Achieving Meaningful Change

The campaign’s advertising chief, René Saavedra, was concerned that invoking 10 years of pain would not motivate people. They already feared the regime, and such an emphasis would make them remember why.

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