Bitcoin’s Human Potential

On the Ground in Venezuela | A New Medium of Exchange

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Gregory Simon (10:10).

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From Greenville to Santiago: Why I Left the United States for Chile

Should You Do It Too?

Should You Do It Too?

On May 31 to June 1, 2012, I moved from Greenville, South Carolina, to Santiago, Chile. My belongings, loaded onto a container a few days before, were already on their way.

I’d left a part-time teaching position as an adjunct at a public university. The job was as stable as such jobs ever are, with at least three courses per semester for very low pay. I’d asked for a salary increase since I’d been there seven years, and was turned down. I chose to walk away.

“Why did I do it?” is a common question I receive—and “Why Chile?”

While an appearance on the show was not possible, given scheduling conflicts, Steven Yates accepted a Skype interview to expand on this article.

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