Daniel Smyth: Obamacare Still Unconstitutional

Origination Clause Violated in 2010 US Law

A friend whom I greatly respect has published an academic article on the origination clause of the US Constitution and what it means for Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. Daniel Smyth‘s peer-reviewed work in the British Journal of American Legal Studies carefully lays out the case for why Obamacare, as a law […]

How Puerto Rico Ran Out of Other People’s Money

Frank Worley: Time to Accept Responsibility, Tighten the Belt, Attract Business

The two major parties lived in a dream world, where money grew on trees and every problem could be passed down the road to the next administration.

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What Gives an Anarcho-Capitalist Hope for a Free Cuba?

Interview: Ray Luna Rodríguez Seeks Unity, Injection of Liberal Values

This change would oblige Cubans to take care of themselves and find another solution, apart from escaping their problems. It could end the widespread political apathy among the Cuban population, at home and abroad.

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Why I Traded California for Chile

Interview: Tanisha Mendieta on Valdivia and the Fort Galt Project

Recently I made the trip to Valdivia in southern Chile, and got to meet a couple of expats during my stay. That included Tanisha Mendieta from Los Angeles, California, and she agreed to share her experience with others who may be interested in taking the plunge.

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Why Ecuador for Expatriation?

Interview with Michel Blanchard of Ecuador at Your Service I’ve heard plenty of talk about Ecuador among expats, and in April the Overseas Radio Network featured an article on the matter, “10 Reasons Why Ecuador is a Top Retirement and Expat Destination.” That was in addition to the Network’s weekly show devoted to the nation. […]