Putin Biography Lets ‘The New Tsar’ Off Scot-Free

Rising Russian Power Contrasts with Corruption, Forgotten Rights

Given Vladimir Putin’s longstanding position at the helm of Russia, not without his share of controversy, he deserves his share of scrutiny. Steven Lee Myers has come to the party with The New Tsar.

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‘Runaway Slave’ Is the Red Pill for Racial Politics

Indie Documentary Shows How to Escape the Nanny-State Plantation

Perhaps the most tragic aspect of the United States is racial division: the pain of the past that continues on. Unfortunately, race hustlers rub salt into the wounds and seek to keep Americans divided, but there is a noble pushback.

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Time to Face the Truth about Muhammad

Robert Spencer Cuts a Knife through Sugarcoating Gymnastics

My initial view was like that of my peers, particularly those concerned with foreign-relations blowback: the threat comes only from misinformed radicals (Islamists) who pervert the religion, particularly those provoked by military intervention from the United States and her allies.

I can no longer accept such a position.

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Inspiration from My Irish Ancestors

Far and Away for Adventure and Opportunity

Someone recently asked whether there was a particular film that inspired me to pursue adventure abroad. Although I won’t advocate for its historical accuracy, Far and Away remains a favorite in this regard.

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10 Books That Changed My Life

The Journey of a Restless Mind

For as long as I can remember, books have played a major role in my life, and a recent move between apartments revealed little has changed. Thank God, and a competitive market, for e-readers and digital versions from here on in.

My mother used to laugh about the story of The Brave Little Tailor, which apparently I couldn’t get enough of as a child. If you’ve not read it, it is strange as far as fairytales go. My best summation of the moral of the story is “shoot your mouth off, and maybe it’ll happen.”

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