Who Needs the Developed World?

Naked and Afraid | Beyond Where Roads Reach | Never Again to the United States

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Cassandra “Cassie” DePecol (8:19), Charlotte Groarke (26:52), Niels Gerson Lohman (57:24).

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Burma: The Forgotten Land

The Nation That Preferred to Turn In On Itself

Outside of the Western democratic world, it is often an unfortunate fact that abundant resources and a lack of fundamental institutions condemn a nation to despotic or even tyrannical rule, often by a military junta or relentless dictator.

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The Solitary Lady Wanderer | Secession Around the World | The Open Borders Solution

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Guests: Aleah Taboclaon (3:13), Dennis Bumpy Kanahele (21:28), Yaël Ossowski (41:20), Jacob Hornberger (59:30).

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Teach English

Your Ticket to an International Adventure

Teaching English Abroad
  • Are you looking to embark on a great international adventure but don’t have $10,000 or $20,000 in the bank to fund 6 – 12 months of travel?
  • Would you like to live and work as a local in a foreign country and make a difference in the local community?
  • Can you see yourself walking to work every day through the street markets of Bangkok, the medieval thoroughfares of Prague, or the grand boulevards of Buenos Aires?

If your answer is “yes,” consider teaching English abroad for your next international adventure. With 1 billion people learning English worldwide (300 million in China alone!), the demand for native and even fluent English speakers to provide English language instruction is so high that most English speakers can gain viable employment in dozens of countries worldwide, from Japan and Thailand to Spain and Costa Rica.

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Avoiding the Traveler’s Body

Tips from Someone Who’s Had to Overcome the Challenge

With many years of rowing training and competition under my belt, I never foresaw maintaining one’s physique as a challenge. Rather, it was just a part of my lifestyle, and I took great pride in my athleticism.

After more than a year on the road, though, an old training partner saw my photos and remarked that I’d acquired the “traveler’s body.” To my distaste, he was right. In a double whammy, I’d both lost my strength and gained body fat.

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