Two Types of Faith: Enriching and Enslaving

Religious Conviction and Personal Autonomy

Why should liberty-promoting individuals and organizations reflect on the importance of faith? After all, many people label religious faith as the opium of the masses, the cause of wars and enslavement, and a vehicle to impose restrictions on individuals’ freedoms. Indeed, people can and have used faith as a justification to take away the liberty of individuals. Yet, looking at history, one also finds religiously-motivated people standing up for liberty and against the rise of dictatorships.

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European Students For Liberty Promise New Generation of Freedom

Students Gather on Continent Which Gave Birth to Liberty to Rekindle Ideas, Spirits

Less than 30 kilometers from Brussels, the political capital of the European Union, a young generation converged to partake in lectures, sessions, and enlightened discussions on how to increase freedom on the continent once ruled exclusively by monarchy.

More than 350 young people from across Europe and beyond attended the 2nd annual European Students For Liberty Conference in Leuven, Belgium, representing 44 countries and 5 continents.

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Reclaiming Preparedness for Disease Outbreaks

Don’t Assume Anyone Else Will Protect You

In today’s world, the possibility of a disease outbreak in a community remains a public health concern. In fact, the development of “standardized approaches for readiness and response to major epidemic-prone diseases” is a core function of the Global Alert and Response system developed by the World Health Organization. But you may ask yourself, “Why should this matter to me?”

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Chavez is Officially Dead. Does it Matter?

The Pantomime Continues…

I was twelve when Hugo Chavez Frias became president of Venezuela. Fourteen years later he has left power, betrayed by his own body. He has left with the reputation for having been a legitimate, democratically elected president. As someone who grew up experiencing the gradual destruction of a country and its institutions, I can tell you one thing—it was all a show.

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When Everyone Around You Wants to Restrict Freedom

How Does One Live Free in an Age of Force?

There are common sentiments which befall those who attempt to inform others of the excesses and abuses of government force.

Despite campaigning on the virtues of personal liberty in the political realm, recommending books, literature, and videos in social settings, and bringing forward economic data, historical comparisons, and empirically-tested principles in academia, advocates for a less aggressive state often find themselves outnumbered, outclassed, and outplayed.

What then, are skeptics of centralized power and control to do?

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