Revealed: The Ugly Reality of Polygamous Communities

An Escapee Speaks Out Against Mind Control and Rampant Abuse

While polygamous communities have caught my eye in the news before, a recent journey through the Southwest of the United States led me to uncover more than I could have imagined.

While traveling through Arizona, I became aware of an organization, Holding Out Help (HOH), which offers homes and assistance for people who have fled from polygamous communities. They offer the support because people living within these communities, to a large degree, lack any resources and simply do not know how to live in the outside world. The intensity of the dogma that members are subject to also tends to be so strong that, without banishment from authoritarian leaders, few have the will or courage to leave.

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Libertarianism, Women, and Respecting Unique Individuals

My Journey and What It Means for Liberty Advocates

The relatively low number of women who self-identify as libertarian is no secret. I was at the 2013 International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC) this month and was pleased to see a good number of women in attendance. However, the majority of attendees and speakers were overwhelmingly men.

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Self-Interest as the Ethical Basis for Capitalism?

John Mackey and David Kelley Spar Over How to Brand Free Enterprise

John Mackey, the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, has asserted that self-interest is not an adequate ethical basis for capitalism and that capitalism has a branding problem. During his recent keynote presentation at the International Students for Liberty Conference, he also dismissed Ayn Rand and objectivism.

“Great novelist. Very inspiring. I don’t agree with her ethics.” To win the moral high ground, he said, “we basically need a new ethical foundation for capitalism.”

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Undoing Totalitarian Indoctrination

Cuban Exiles Liberate Their Minds

After four days with Cuban exiles in Miami this month, I can confidently say that Cuba is a totalitarian police state. From almost nonexistent internet access and surveillance committees on every block to a seven-year jail term for reporting an accurate news story, the more I read and heard, the worse it got. With first-hand accounts, these exiles, both recent and from before the Cuban revolution, laid to waste the benign view that many people still have of the island nation of 11 million people.

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Where Women Can (Almost) Have It All

Switzerland as a Haven for Work-Life Balance

Perhaps the most controversial article in the United States in 2012, at least in terms of generating heated debate, came from The Atlantic magazine. The topic was the role of women and what the writer, Anne-Marie Slaughter, described as the you-can-have-it-all “fiction,” amid what one might call a post-feminist era.

Slaughter’s key assertion is that, in her experience, women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are “superhuman, rich, or self-employed.” She is one who has decided to step back from her career, at least partially, in order to devote more time to her two sons.

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