Turn Your Passion into Your Vocation

Laura Suñé and Her Quest to Realize Her Music Potential

Many of us feel trapped in the regular nine-to-five corporate grind, and at times that has included me. Fear of failure and the unknown appear to get in the way of people venturing out and pursuing endeavors that would make them eager to get out of bed in the morning. If you are unsure about whether this applies to you, consider this list of symptoms from James Altucher (a past guest on The Stateless Man) and his article, “10 Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job.”

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When You’d Rather Not Look in the Mirror

The Sorry State of Freedom in the United States

Sometimes the truth hurts, and there’s no way to hide it. The latest Economic Freedom of the World Report, which ranks 144 nations, constitutes such a moment for those of us who cherish freedom in the United States.

After achieving a ranking of No. 2 in 2000, behind only Hong Kong, the United States has plummeted to No. 18 as of 2010. In just 10 years, supposedly overgoverned European welfare states such as Denmark, Finland, and even the United Kingdom have surpassed the United States. So too have Canada, Ireland, and the former Soviet state of Estonia.

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My Favorite Source for Independent News and Opinion

Introducing Reddit.com

Introducing Reddit.com

If you’ve yet to use Reddit.com, you are missing out. For those who complain of media bias, Reddit.com is the ultimate alternative and home of user-generated and categorized content. It includes news and opinion articles, videos and images, self-posted opinions and questions, and a never-ending line of heated debates. Users even initiate meet-ups to go beyond the online forum.

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Free Cities Are Coming, With or Without Honduras

Michael Strong on the idea whose time has come

The Special Development Regions initiative in Honduras has been of particular importance to The Stateless Man, since it has offered what I describe as “The Frontier of Competitive Governance.” In addition to a full episode on the topic in February, I examined police state activities and safety in Honduras and published a supportive article with Liberty Blog and La Conexión.

The plan was and remains “the world’s first free city program… to create new cities on empty land with semi-independent governance systems under Honduran and international oversight.” A successful SDR or free city, I noted, would have positive ramifications far beyond Honduras.

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An Intellectual Oasis in Guatemala

Cris Lingle on Universidad Francisco Marroquín and the evils of central banking

Cris Lingle, an economics professor with Universidad Francisco Marroquín (pictured), was in Atlanta in late November, and I traveled to interview him and hear him speak. I’ve already examined UFM as a pro-liberty haven within higher education, and we went into greater detail at his presentation, “Love & Money & the Whole Damn Thing,” with the Atlanta chapter of America’s Future Foundation.

The interview was in a public setting, so the audio quality is limited, but the content is valuable, particularly if you would consider studying or teaching at UFM. Listen to it here or below (19 minutes). The final nine minutes cover central banking and Lingle’s concern that we are in uncharted territory of universally fiat currencies with no backing and enormous private and governmental debt burdens.


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