Up for Housesitting (and Frog) Experiences?

Given the potential for win-win arrangements and for facilitating affordable, long-term travel, one can see why housesitting is on the rise. In late March, Brad Jordan and I devoted a full show to this travel concept, with guests from three leading housesitting websites.

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The Sobering Reality of Police State Activities in Honduras

Update, June 17, 2012: After my interview with Steve Lendman, which was extremely critical of both safety and international meddling Honduras, I received feedback through twitter that more people would be happy to weigh in. Inti Martínez Alemán was one such person—legal assistant to Octavio Sanchez-Barrientos, the Honduran government’s chief of staff and head of the Special Development Regions (REDs) initiative.

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Jeffrey Tucker on the American Dream in Brazil

After reading a fascinating article from Jeffrey Tucker (pictured), I invited him on the show to share his reflections on the spirit of liberty in Brazil. He leads Laissez-Faire Books and was down there as a keynote speaker with Mises Institute Brazil. That trip left him optimistic about the opportunities on offer—perhaps as a new home […]

Why Ecuador for Expatriation?

Interview with Michel Blanchard of Ecuador at Your Service I’ve heard plenty of talk about Ecuador among expats, and in April the Overseas Radio Network featured an article on the matter, “10 Reasons Why Ecuador is a Top Retirement and Expat Destination.” That was in addition to the Network’s weekly show devoted to the nation. […]

Fast Track to Work Abroad: Teach English

Some of us are fortunate to have grown up with English, a language both widely spoken and in demand around the world. That means language instruction is perhaps the easiest way for young people to get abroad. Some schools and national governments will even pay your airfare before any work is done (South Korea, China, […]