Fast Track to Work Abroad: Teach English

Some of us are fortunate to have grown up with English, a language both widely spoken and in demand around the world. That means language instruction is perhaps the easiest way for young people to get abroad. Some schools and national governments will even pay your airfare before any work is done (South Korea, China, […]

Language of Liberty Institute’s “Torch” Features The Stateless Man

First published by the Language of Liberty Institute, April 4, 2012: “Liberty Beyond Borders: The Stateless Man Show” Presumably if you’re reading this, you hunger for individual liberty—as do I. But how can one actually go about achieving this, when the inertia and constraints of the world often seem so entrenched? There is a time-tested […]

Always a Guest, Never a Subject

The Life of a Permanent Tourist Have you ever wondered, is there a way to never pay income taxes or file returns—at least without having the police come after you? Permanent Tourists do just that, and one man who has been doing it for 20 years shared his experience on The Stateless Man. Hear that […]

Thinking About University? Think Again

College lies and the higher education bubble Student debt in the United States is approaching $1 trillion—$25,000 per graduate on average—but more people just keep on coming. The fall 2011 semester saw a record 20 million students in American higher education, all while a quarter of retail salespeople and more than 300,000 waiters and waitresses were out […]

The Future of Primary Elections in the United States

Kotlikoff on Fiscal Child Abuse and the Americans Elect Alternative Those with an eye on the United States presidential race will know that the Republican Party primaries have been an embarrassment. Not only have they been riddled with errors and deliberate meddling, few people, including journalists, have understood who has had how many delegates. All […]