The Frontier of Competitive Governance

Introducing the Honduran Special Development Regions Update, April 6, 2012: LibertyBlog.Org has just published a new commentary from me on this topic. Read “Honduras and the Future of Competitive Governance” here. February 16, 2012 Although the Economist magazine has reported on the Honduran Special Development Regions (Regiones Especiales de Desarrollo) or charter cities, they were scant on […]

Putting the Peace Corps in Its Place, and the United Planet Alternative

Update May 11, 2012 An author, Anthony Watkins, came across this article and informed me of additional material to consider. His book, Peace Corps: The Icon and the Reality, is available on, and more recently I was able to interview one of the key sources, Chuck Ludlam. Listen to that interview here (MP3, 52 […]

Premier Broadcast: Freedom Through Your Own Thinking

So often, flawed thinking gets in the way of us living the lives we want, but how does our thinking trap us? The premier broadcast of The Stateless Man, a pro-liberty show on the Overseas Radio Network, addresses just that question. Glenn Cripe (pictured left), founder of the Language of Liberty Institute, joined me as we digested […]