Capitalism, Feminism, and the Malthusian Trap

How the Industrial Revolution and Economic Progress Enabled Sexual Liberation

A large number of contemporary feminists are hostile towards capitalism. One only need to peruse the halls of your local university’s philosophy department — preferably one where office door art is acceptable. Next take a stroll through the women’s studies department. Pick up some of their recent work or even follow a Twitter or Facebook page.

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Burma: The Forgotten Land

The Nation That Preferred to Turn In On Itself

Outside of the Western democratic world, it is often an unfortunate fact that abundant resources and a lack of fundamental institutions condemn a nation to despotic or even tyrannical rule, often by a military junta or relentless dictator.

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pledge of allegiance

Are You a Patriot?

The Misused Claim of Moral Obligation

In my role with The Stateless Man, name-calling against me seems to be par for the course. Recently, for example, someone emailed and called me a “Capital Communist.” “Cultural Marxist” is also a regular favorite with my detractors.

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Free Press Under Attack in Ecuador | Giant of Brazil Awakening | Immigrant Tensions in Sweden

DIRECT LINK TO MP3 (77 minutes)

Ilya Brotzky (11:58), Sven Larson (22:01).

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Inspiration From My Irish Ancestors

Far and Away for Adventure and Opportunity

Someone recently asked whether there was a particular film that inspired me to pursue adventure abroad. Although I won’t advocate for its historical accuracy, Far and Away remains a favorite in this regard.

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