Time to Face the Truth about Muhammad

Robert Spencer Cuts a Knife through Sugarcoating Gymnastics

My initial view was like that of my peers, particularly those concerned with foreign-relations blowback: the threat comes only from misinformed radicals (Islamists) who pervert the religion, particularly those provoked by military intervention from the United States and her allies.

I can no longer accept such a position.

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Bitcoin’s Human Potential

On the Ground in Venezuela | A New Medium of Exchange

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Gregory Simon (10:10).

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To Engage or Not to Engage: Libertarians in Politics

The Anarchist, Non-Voting Government Minister | Phony Drug War Boogeymen

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Rodney Hide (00:56), Guillermo Jiménez (37:18).

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Who Needs the Developed World?

Naked and Afraid | Beyond Where Roads Reach | Never Again to the United States

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Cassandra “Cassie” DePecol (8:19), Charlotte Groarke (26:52), Niels Gerson Lohman (57:24).

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They’re Stealing Our Jobs!

The Rhetoric of Open Borders | Fractional Reserve Banking: Money Out of Nothing

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Bill Mullen (9:32), Don Richards (54:14).

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